How to prepare your marketing for the Festive Period

Prepare your beauty business for the festive season with these 20 simple but effective marketing tips
November 24, 2020

Prepare your beauty business for the festive season with these 20 simple but effective marketing tips

There’s so much to think about at this time of year and life can feel pretty overwhelming! 

That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of 20 quick and easy festive marketing tips to get you up to speed and ready for the Christmas rush. 


  • Start planning now. Block out time in your diary this week to get everything in place. 
  • Choose what you want to promote. What is your biggest selling product or service? What do you offer that will be particularly helpful to people in light of everything that’s happened this year?
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel! Think about what worked well (and what didn’t) last year!
  • Make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website or online shop. If your pixel is new, it may not collect enough data to run ads this Christmas. But, it will start collecting valuable information for retargeting customers in the New Year. Need help with this? Book a power hour
  • Look at what your competitors are up to. If they haven’t started posting Christmas content yet, scroll back through their feeds to see what worked for them last year.
  • Consider running ads on social media to promote your festive deals. As a Facebook and Instagram ads specialist, I can help you with this. Contact me for more info.
  • Be ready with your FAQs. What do people always want to know? Create a blog which addresses festive queries such as returns, voucher expiry periods, last posting days, opening times. Promote this on your social channels.


  • Create gift guides. Put these on your website, blog, Instagram and Facebook ads. Make them as specific as possible so that you can target your ideal customers e.g. sort by age and gender or types of product.
  • Create Christmas packages for friends, family and partners to buy. Could you put together a Pamper Hamper, sell mother and daughter makeover sessions or  offer a monthly product/treatment subscription deal?
  • Offer free postage. It’s amazing how many people will abandon a high-value purchase when faced with £3.99 P&P!

Social media

  • Plot out your social content for December AND January. (You’ll thank me on January 4th!) Download my free Christmas content calendar <link to: #downloads-page>.
  • Set up – or update – your Facebook and Instagram shops. Get in touch if you need help with this here.
  • Make your channels look seasonal. Use Christmassy templates from Canva and update your Facebook Business Page with a festive feel.
  • Update your bios with important information such as opening times, discount codes, and last order dates.
  • Add your gift guides to your Instagram Highlights and Pinterest page.
  • Be active in local Facebook groups and look for opportunities to share your products. People are keen to support small businesses right now.
  • Don’t be scared to sell. Everyone is looking for exciting gift ideas so don’t be afraid to show them what you’ve got.
  • Keep adding value. Make sure you keep giving your followers the content they love and expect from you. Could you create some festive tutorials with hair, makeup, or nail tips? 
  • Consider other important selling moments. Before Christmas we have Black Friday (Nov 27th), Cyber Monday (Nov 30th), and Small Business Saturday (Dec 5th). And think ahead to the New Year – will be running any promotional deals in January? Make sure all these dates are on your social media content calendar.
  • And finally. Don’t spread yourself too thin! You don’t need to be on every platform so choose the two which are most effective for you and focus your energy there.

I have created a Free Content Calendar with 12 days of Christmas Content for you! Click here to download the guide.