5 Reasons You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

If you run a business and you're wondering whether it's time to hire a social media manager, here are five reasons that you should.
May 11, 2020

Imagine never having to worry about what to post on social media again. No more waking up at 2am because you forgot to respond to a DM on Insta, or feeling frustrated that your hard work has gone to waste.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem! Your social media is on fire and you simply can’t keep up with the constant demand to create, schedule and engage. 

Step forward the Social Media Manager! An industry professional who makes it their business to know and grow your followers. Someone who will create brand-perfect content that aligns with your wider marketing goals and whose one purpose is to make sure you shine online.

Here’s why choosing to hire a social media manager will be the best business decision you make this year…

#1 You’re short on time 

The juggle is real! Running a business, a home and (hopefully!) a social life takes time and energy. But throw social media into the mix and, well, it all gets a bit much. And you really do need to be on social media.

A social media manager will remove that anxiety from your life. Whether you already have busy platforms or haven’t got started yet, a skilled SMM will take the reins – freeing you up to concentrate on other priorities.

“Kira took care of everything from strategy, content to replying to customer queries via social. This allowed us to have more time to grow our business in other areas and fall in love with it again.”

#2 They ‘get it’ so you don’t have to

Keeping pace with the ever-changing nature of social media is a full-time job. 

That’s why I, and other social media managers worth their salt, make it our priority to keep abreast of industry news, be active in reputable networking groups, and test new functionality. 

When you hire a social media expert, you’re buying invaluable insider knowledge and can feel reassured that you’re ahead of the game.

#3 You’ll have a strategy 

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make on social media is posting without purpose. 

Mixed messages, discrepancies in branding and inconsistent posting can make your business look unprofessional.

A good social media manager will create a strategy to ensure your content goes out regularly, meets the highest visual standards, is targeting the right customers and is meeting your overall business objectives. 

They’ll also crunch the numbers to see what’s working so they can give your audience more of what they love.

“We didn’t have a tangible social strategy or any solid techniques before working with Kira. Now we have a clear strategy, a plan and actions to take that have grown our client base and built trust.”

#4 Your customers will love you

By neglecting your social media channels, you’re not only neglecting your existing customers – you’re also ignoring potential new sales and leads.

Missed inbox queries, unanswered comments on posts, radio silences… It all adds up to one thing, followers who feel unloved.

A social media manager will ensure every customer – old or new – is nurtured on their journey with you. 

#5 You’ll be one step ahead of your competitors

If keeping up with your own social media channels feels impossible, staying on top of what your competitors are up to is a whole new level of stress. 

Whether they’re firing out amazing content every day or struggling to grasp the basics, your talented SMM will use this information to build on what’s working in your sector and catapult your business to the next level.

You need to hire a Social Media Manager if: 

  • You don’t ‘get’ social media
  • You don’t like social media
  • You don’t care about social media
  • You’re too busy for social media
  • Your social media is inconsistent – a flurry of posts one week then nothing for the rest of the month.
  • You have unanswered DMs
  • You don’t know what a DM is 
  • You hate always feeling ‘on’
  • You don’t know what to post
  • Posting is always at the bottom of your priority list

Ticked one or more of the list? Then let’s chat! Book a free 30-minute call and find out how I can help you.